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1:1 Mentorship

Have you been looking for a technical mentor or someone who has experience in the industry? Connect with our experienced engineers for the chance to receive valuable feedback and proven techniques that will get you the job!

  • What questions should you be asking your future employer?
  • How to prepare for the interview.
  • Understand the how to succeed in your first role in tech.
  • Understand the different technical roles and opportunities (what would work best for you)
$50 - 30 minutes Book now

Resume review

Say goodbye to rejection letters! This session will help you understand the ATS systems that scans resumes and help you get noticed.

  • How to organize your resume.
  • Revamp with quantifying examples and wording.
  • Learn how to decipher job postings for your advantage.
  • Highlighting transferable skills for non-technical backgrounds.
  • Gain more traction with employers.

* This does not include resume building. You should have a resume prior to booking the session

$60 - 30 minutes Book now

Technical interview coaching

Stressed about your job interview? Don't worry this session will help you build confidence and readiness for your next interview.

  • How to study for your technical interview.
  • Create a study schedule to fit in with your daily life.
  • Recommended study material
$60 - 30 minutes Book now

Technical interview (Advanced)

Feeling unsure of your Algorithm skills? Chat with our engineers to get tips on how to study and more!

  • Opportunity to have a 15 minutes conversation with a AWS engineer
  • 15 Minute session
$125 - 15 minutes Book now

Personalized session

Have a specific question? Fill out our quick assessment and let's get started!

$75 - 45 minutes Book now

Goal setting

Ready to take the next step in your tech career? Unsure of what that will entail or how to get there? We will help you discover your roadmap to success!

$60 - 30 minutes Book now

"I want to give a major shout-out to @nspiredTech! Natasha helped me to tailor my resume & it looks exactly like how I want to express myself during my interviews! I can't thank her enough! #resumereviewer #BlackTechTwitter #womenintech #Resume #projectmanager #projectmanagement"

Shante (LinkedIn user)

"I have another [interview] tomorrow and it’s a final interview but after that I’m not scheduling another one until I’m a LeetCode beast. πŸ˜„ And likewise! I had to pay for premium just connect with you and it was worth it because you are top tier."

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As a bootcamp grad and ex-Facebooker, and Senior Software Engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science, we're using our combined 10+ years of technical experience and are sharing our knowledge and insight on Algorithms, interviewing tips, resume help and more to help you reach your career goals.

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  • πŸ‘‹ I am Julien
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